The Expendables 2


The Expendables 2: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Stathon, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme & Chuck Norris

Excellent sequel… Great action right from the start… Its was good to see the old guys rejuvenated… Stathon was awesome… Good CG… The story line was a little lacking but who cares when there’s that much killing & explosions going on..Definitely a Macho Movie! Grade. B+.
-Stutt Love-

And this is why we started Machomovies! Bang and more bang… 1st 5 min had more shooting than most movies have the entire flick… Baby boomer action Greats rule! Great job Stallone & crew! Grade. A.
-Movie Mac-


1 Comment

  1. Movie was awesome. Stallone was the star of the show. You have to pay real close attention to understand what Jason stathon is saying but I love him as well as the rest of the expendables!


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